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Disclaimers, Advisories, Parental Warnings, Etc.

Some of the content on this Website includes strong language and expletives; frank discussions of sexuality, violence, politics, large-eyed Japanese cartoon characters, twenty-sided dice, and other scary things; and mild sexual innuendo. The site belongs to a grownup and uses language and discusses issues she would consider acceptable for interacting with her peers. This site is not recommended for children under 14/not yet in high school, and frankly, most teenagers would probably find this site pretty dorky.

Please credit any quotation, discussion, or hyperlinks to my material properly to "Death Quaker's Realm." If you intend to quote or copy my material extensively, please seek my permission first. I would do the same for you.

Imagine you spent years and years devising and designing your own personal outlet of creativity to the world and put a great deal of your precious time getting it exactly the way you wanted it. Think of the ways you would not want your readers to exploit, misquote, misattribute, or otherwise treat the work which you put so much tears and energy into. Understand how you would feel if someone exploited, misquoted, misattributed, or otherwise mistreated your hard, creative work, and don't do any of that with the work I post on my site.


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