Easy Ways to Sizing Photos Using Paint

Some people may still find it difficult to make 3×4 size photos from files that are already owned. This is because some people do not have Adobe Photoshop and cannot even use it. Paint application you can use for this.

Actually, to edit photos to be 3×4 size can be done very easily. The way we use software from Microsoft Office is Paint.

Paint is a drawing program from Microsoft that has been around for a long time. However, recently paint has new features such as:

  1. Adjust photo rotate
  2. Enlarge the photo
  3. Change the color of the photo
  4. Change the size of the photo

For those of you who are confused about how to make a photo size, here’s we summarized from wikiahow, how you can do to make it easier to edit the size of the photo that you do.

How to Size a Photo Using Paint

  1. Before editing, open the paint first. If you find it difficult to look for it, please search in the search taskbar column then type “Paint”. After it appears, please open the paint.
  2. If it’s already open, click File then clicks Open.
  3. After that, the Browse window will appear. Please find the photo you want to change, after getting the photo you want to change, click on the photo then click Open.
  4. If the photo is open, click resize or Ctrl + W.
  5. At this stage, please click on the Pixels section displayed on the screen then please click the check that is listed on the Maintain Aspect Ratio so that the check is cleared. The goal is that photos can be changed manually.
  6. Enter the pixel size you need. The following types of photo sizes you can use. Types of Photos and Size in Pixels: Photos 2×3 – 76×113 pixels, Photo 3×4 – 354×472 pixels, or Photo 4×6 – 472 pixels.
  7. If the photo editing process that you need is complete, please save the modified photo.
  8. Click File then click Save as then select the JPEG format.
  9. The final step is to name it when saving so that it can be easily found if needed.

So, that’s the way to resize photos using the paint application very easily. For photos produced after entering into the editing process is it good? Don’t worry, the photos produced will not change or break. Good luck.